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Back to Form Login Submit. Sign in with Facebook Sign in. Other Social Login.Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a series of compact trucks manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in various modifications since For the first time, the name Canter was presented in March on light trucks T These early models were almost entirely sold in Asia.

The cars were equipped with four-cylinder 4DQ1 diesel engines of 2. In the car was upgraded. There were four round headlights for the main light instead of two round headlights. In Julythe model was upgraded, and a new radiator grille appeared.

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The diesel engine was replaced by the new 4DR5 2. The range of Canter Japanese cars produced by the lifting capacity of 1. The lightest 1.

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They use gasoline and diesel engines 2. Ina new 8-th generation Canter model was introduced. This is the first upgraded generation that satisfies the new Japanese emission standards JP The new generation is equipped with a diesel 3.


The exterior and interior design have been updated, improvements have been made to the frame, suspension and brake system of the truck, which reduced the weight by 90 kg and increased the safety.

The new design truck was awarded the Good Design Award North America has become the first country outside of Japan, where the new Canter will be marketed. The car is equipped with two rechargeable batteries with a total capacity of 48 kWh. The traction electric motor develops a power of kW hp. If you have any questions, please contact with us.

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Mitsubishi Canter. Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7.For decades, it has been popular in several countries for its strength, reliability, and performance. However, like other used diesel trucksa new or pre-owned Mitsubishi Fuso for sale is no stranger to issues. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the problems that Fighter owners commonly complain about. We will also share what you can do to resolve the issues.

Since the Fuso Fighter is typically used for industrial applications, one of the first issues that operators notice is a toasty cabin. In most cases, this has something to do with the AC condenser. The AC condenser is an essential part of the cooling system. It converts the refrigerant from gas to liquid, allowing it to flow through the AC system. When the fan starts to malfunction, it can cause issues on the entire air conditioning system.

Typically, these are the signs of a failing condenser fan:. If the air coming from the vent is warm, it is likely that the condenser fan is malfunctioning. This happens when the condenser gets too hot that it can no longer convert the refrigerant into a liquid form. Since the fan is intended for preventing the condenser from getting too hot, warm air coming from the vents is one of the first symptoms that the fan is not working.

Another sign of a malfunctioning condenser fan is an overheating engine while idling—even with the AC on. The significant amount of heat generated by the AC condenser affects the overall temperature of the engine, causing it to overheat. Most of the time, as the vehicle moves, the overheating will subside. This is because the increased airflow cools the condenser while the vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle starts to emit a burning smell, it is likely that the condenser fan has failed.

Keep in mind that when the condenser gets too hot, all the parts of the AC system will overheat, causing them to burn and emit an odor. The longer these components are subjected to overheating, the more damage they sustain. So, when you turn on the AC and you smell a burning smell, it is best that you have an expert mechanic check your Fuso Fighter. So, it is essential that you do not ignore the early symptoms of a malfunctioning AC.

Not only will it fail to generate cold air, but it can also damage the entire air conditioning system because of overheating. An expert mechanic should be able to determine whether your condenser fan can still be repaired or if it needs a replacement.

mitsubishi canter engine problems

Another common issue found in used diesel trucks is leaking oil. If left unchecked, oil leaks can cause the seals or hoses to degrade prematurely. Keep in mind that this problem can be an environmental hazard and even become a fire risk for the engine. So, it is essential that you keep track of your engine oil level, using your dipstick. When the level drops faster than it is supposed to, then it is likely that you are losing oil.

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Also, the color of your exhaust smoke tells something about your engine. If you see blue smoke coming from the tailpipe, then it means that oil is starting to leak into the engine. After driving, you should sniff for burning oil. You can also check for oil stains or puddles beneath the engine compartment, especially after parking your truck overnight. One of the ways to repair an oil leak is to replace the broken gasket or worn-out seal. When you want to replace the gasket, you can start by removing the two parts holding the gasket.

You have to remove several components, including the pulleys or the timing gears.Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Four Wheel Drive. Camper And Trailer. Project Vehicles.

mitsubishi canter engine problems

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Most Common Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Problems and How to Fix Them

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter rea Start date Dec 1, Wondering it the all the transmission and emission issues with the newer trucks have been sorted out or a pre is the way to go. Read through some threads about all the transmission issues dealing with possible contamination, re-flashing, flushing of tranny fluid, recalls and replacement of some transmissions.

I think their is still an unresolved class action suit against Mitsu regarding issues with the emission system causing the trucks to be undrivable. I feel very fortunate to have scored a low mile 50k gently used which I actually use as a daily driver replacing an 07 Tundra.

It's 5 feet shorter, 4" skinnier, hauls more, gets better mileage, is actually more comfortable, aside from a bit harsher ride, which can be mitigatedmore maneuverable, has better visibility, is much simpler to service etc. The manual transmission and lack of multiple powered circuits, relays etc.

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You have to be diligent, quick to commit if you find a deal and willing to bring it home from a long way off. I think it's worth it You probably saw my comments in 'Dealer Remarks' but when a dealer you trust says, 'Never sell your ', it says something about his confidence in more recent versions of the truck. Bris31 Adventurer. Thanks for your comments! Well that settles that. Wandering Snowbird New member. I'm looking at building an overland rig and their is a nice auto not far away with low mileage that was used in a landscape business, but I have a couple of concerns after reading the above comments; 1.

Should I stay away from an automatic? Is it possible to travel 3rd world with a DEF vehicle?In any vehicle the engine is called the heart. So, what could be more disastrous than seeing this core part of your car being plagued by common engine problems? So, you need to take proper care of your car to make sure the engine is in good condition. Engine failures may cause your car to stop for good. You may postpone any scheduled maintenance thinking what worse could happen.

But, in the long run the problem may take a severe condition and cost you a fortune. It is important to pick up the symptoms of a problematic engine and engine problem diagnosis by expert mechanics before the car suddenly stops functioning. Take a look at some of the most common engine problems:. A low coolant level is a culprit for the overheating problem.

A burnt out radiator, clogged hoses, broken engine thermostat, loose or broken plugs, and a leaking coolant systemblown or cracked head gasket can cause the overheating problems. Repeated overheating can cause severe engine damages.

Stalling of a car while driving is related to engine problems. A car that suddenly stops in the middle of the road is a major safety hazard. Problems in the fuel line, fuel filter, and spark plugs might be the reasons of stalling and hesitations.

However, they may not always be related to the engine, but you should have it examined by a professional mechanic. A smoking engine is never a good news. You should immediately take your car to an auto repair shop if such problem arises. The problem can happen because of worn gaskets, bad cylinders, damaged rings, poor crankcase, and using wrong oil grade. Sometimes, engine problems give you warnings through noises.

If you notice any weird or unique sound along with knocking or vibrationsyou should pay attention. Such noises and vibrations can indicate to a weak starter, worn out timing belt, or other serious engine problems.

Mitsubishi Canter

Neglecting the importance of regular oil change is responsible for one of the most common engine problems. To keep your engine running smoothly, you must pick the right sort of oil.

You may consider using synthetic oil to get the best out of your engine. And, this is also recommended by many leading car manufacturers at present. Synthetic oil costs only a few bucks more than your regular oil. You may not want to see your engine failing out in the middle of nowhere, for only a few dollars.

Moreover, read our maintenance tips from our experts in order to get more information about oil issue, which could help you easily troubleshooting this problem. The standard practice is flushing the engine coolant after every 30, miles or 3 years. This is nothing in comparison to the costs of upgrades or replacements of spare parts. Generally, vehicle owners tend to decide on coolant flush until they have been prescribed to do so by a maintenance service provider. As a result, the parts where the coolant is used degrade before their normal lifespan.

A simple engine troubleshooting is keeping an eye for an overheating engine. A burnt out radiator, clogged hoses, broken engine thermostat, loose or broken plugs, and a leaking coolant system, blown or cracked head gasket can cause the overheating problems. If you still keep driving the car, there is a chance that your engine will be permanently damaged. If you have the engine mended right away, more rigorous and expensive methods like replacing or rebuilding the engine will not be necessary.

Driving your car through high waters or heavy rainstorm can damage the engine badly. If water enters the engine, it may bend the piston rods, leaving your engine in shattered conditions.

Often the water can reach the combustion chamber passing through the intake manifold.Mitsubishi Canter owners have reported 2 engine and engine cooling related problems since Table 1 shows the 2 most common engine and engine cooling problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's engine belts and pulleys 1 problem.

mitsubishi canter engine problems

The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's radiator 1 problem. For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table. The vehicle power steering belt popped and the car has to in damage and I've only had the car for six months and not even miles. This car is costing me on top of that the cost of damage to get it back on the road. Read details My car only has miles on it.

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So far I have had to replace a radiator, heads, and now my horn and driver side window broke. Car Problems. Table 1. The Engine Belts And Pulleys problem The vehicle power steering belt popped and the car has to in damage and I've only had the car for six months and not even miles.

The Radiator problem My car only has miles on it. Engine Belts And Pulleys problems. Radiator problems.SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads.

mitsubishi canter engine problems

By using this site, you accept the use of cookies. Agree and continue browsing. Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. View Details. The Mitsubishi Canter is a light commercial vehicle which is offered on the Japanese market since the year The small truck is mainly used in the city because the compact dimensions of the Mitsubishi Canter truck ensure very good handling even in narrow streets.

The vans can also be equipped with different superstructures and extensions, so the vehicle for towing, as refrigerated trucks with appropriate Refrigerated or flatbed with tilting is offered.

The current model of the Mitsubishi Canter truck chassis is represented by three different variants, which differ only on the engine power. The engine for the new or used Mitsubishi Canter is a four-cylinder diesel engine with 3. As 4PT4 variant of small vans reaches hp and Nm of torque. The top model of the Mitsubishi Canter truck is brought from hp and Nm at speed.

Only three in common is a factory-installed 5-course manual transmission, which can be exchanged optional and at an additional cost to a 6-speed dual clutch transmission DUONIC. It is payload capacity, versatility and maneuverability. The switching speed is extremely fast start-up performance completely unaffected on the mountain and when maneuvering. The canter truck can load approximately kg. With Paying attention to good aerodynamics does not pay off in windy areas in euros and cents - nor does the light truck.

On the highway, the consumption will already see a lot better: The fuel consumption of the truck is relatively efficient and economical with the heavy load it takes. Even the relatively small motor, the engine of the canter truck is efficient and works well in any condition. The interior as well as exterior is pretty much okay according to the truck. Cookies on sbtjapan.

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