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audio repair forums

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Read times. Almost 20 min and no answers. Why are you pinging someone else's thread? Anyway, I was going to suggest badcaps too. Might depend on what you want to repair. I'd rather a Google clue, link, or some theory than "do this" generally. NZ Siglent Distributor. ArdRhi Contributor Posts: 14 Country:. Quote from: GreyWoolfe on April 12,am.

Can you add what country are you from? There are many places when you look to repair electronics. From the eevblog, to yahoo groups to the BadCaps forum, edaboard, etc. Depends on what you want to repair. Some boards are not even in english, probably in russian, czech, chinese, spanish, etc.

Last week I was able to repair a Computer power supply that I had sitting in a corner for more than 2 years.

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I needed something in a hurry to use but I had nothing around so a search took me to badcaps. A ohm resistor and 1N diode later the power supply was repaired. Quote from: casinada on April 12,am. Hello-- Take a look at Which has been in existence for quite a few years but continues to offer good advice.

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audio repair forums

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audio repair forums

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This is NOT a place for starting new discussions. Let's try to keep this one empty. It's all about the gear!Decreasing a limit takes effect immediately after BetBull has registered the change.

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Vintage Stereo Repair - The Parts And Tools Needed To Fix Old Audio Equipment

A notice reducing a limit or increasing the exclusion period has effect immediately upon receipt of the notice by the Company. There are specific software products available to assist the customer with the self-exclusion process. For more information, please visit the following sites:Netnanny: www. However the customer accepts that we are in no way responsible towards the customer or any third party if they continue to play with any added accounts, in which they have changed any registration details (including cases in which the customer opens an account with the same details but inserted differently in the registration form) or if publicity material is inadvertently forwarded to him.

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We also strongly recommend that the Client seeks urgent professional assistance if they find a way to continue playing during the self-exclusion period. The monthly fee for BetBull Accounts held in GBP is set at GBP 4, or currency equivalent. The administrative fee will be charged and deducted from the Inactive Account at the beginning of the month following the month in which the BetBull Account became inactive.

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